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AquaSheen Premium High Build Epoxy Pool Paint

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Epoxy Pool Paint with proven results and a long lasting finish. Durable and practical Swimming Pool coating system, suitable for any concrete or fibreglass pool surface.


3.5L kit should do around 30 - 40 Sqm of surface area. Coverage depends on the texture of the surface, rougher surfaces will require more coating. Epoxy Primer Sealant will do around 50sqm per 3.5L kit. Typically a 7 x 4 pool would require 4 - 5 kits to complete 2 coats.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use AquaSheen

  1. DIY paint pool solution that can save you thousands

  2. A Beautiful Sparkling Pool that Lasts

  3. 100% Resistance Against Algae Stains

  4. 15 Colours to Choose from and More

  5. Save 50%-70% On Chemicals

  6. Rain resistant within 3 hours

  7. Safe for your Family and Pets

  8. Proven Results

Read more on all the benefits of using AquaSheen Premium High Build Epoxy: Australia's most advanced Epoxy Pool Coating System.

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Aquasheen Epoxy Paint
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AquaSheen Premium High Build Epoxy Pool Paint
balmy sea epoxy pool paint
sandy beach epoxy pool paint
lakeside epoxy pool paint
beach beige epoxy pool paint
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